Tabler of the Week: Kesha Garner

Why Do We Have a Tabler of the Week?

We periodically interview one of our amazing co-workers to highlight on our culture blog.  A great culture is 100% about the people that drive it.  We come from different places, backgrounds, and experiences and all add a lot of spice to this workplace.

Tabler of the Week: Kesha Garner


Tabler Since: February 2016 (part-time); December 2016 (full-time)

Hails From: Greenville, SC (Spartanburg, actually, if anyone knows where that is)


Proud Alumni Of: University of South Carolina/Clemson (To all the college football fans out there, Clemson is my team.)


What is your role at Social Tables? Project Manager

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables? Non-profit work and building an app for rating businesses based on their LGBTQ+ friendliness.


What do you like to do outside of work? Teach people how to pronounce my name correctly (Key-sha), eat movie theater popcorn, read books meant for 40 year old soccer moms (good thing I got that MA in English), and travel (favorite spot: Tortuguero, Costa Rica).


Talk about your favorite Core Value: My favorite Core Value is “Every day is a school day.” As a former instructor at Clemson, I can tell you that our clients are a lot like students – sometimes the most difficult ones end up being the most rewarding (and sometimes they don’t).


Talk about your favorite Social Tables event: Since I’ve only been an official Tabler for 2 months, I have to say that my favorite ST event has been the holiday party. Not many things can keep me out past 10:30, but I think I made it to a solid 11.


What makes you weird? 3 random facts: 1) I have 8 tattoos despite my raging fear of needles. 2) I recently crossed off my #1 bucket list item: visiting the Paris Catacombs. 3) I won the award for “Healthiest Lunches” in 1st grade, solidifying my reputation as a cool kid for the rest of my life.

Cheers from Peers:

  • Congrats Queen Kesha. Thank you for hard work the past 9 months. You’re a pioneer and I can’t wait to see how you continue to help us level up.
  • Excited to be working together!
  • It’s exciting watching the two of you work together to solve problems by looking in Basecamp, Salesforce, FPC, etc. and leveraging your complementary experiences at Social Tables prior to your current role!
  • Great job in week one of full time!!!  I know it’s a lot of information to absorb but you’re doing great! 🙂
  • Congrats on doing your first call yesterday!! So exciting! 🙂
  • I know things have been a little chaotic since you started but I’m already so proud of the progress we’ve all made!  Keep up the great work!
  • You two are doing a fantastic job. We are SO happy to have you as such an important part of the new CS structure and I encourage you both to continue giving input to make this new role better and stronger. Really looking forward to 2017 with you both!!
  • I love overhearing you jumping right into tough customer situations and being a strong voice of reason for those customers! Keep up the great work!
  • Thank you for all of your hard work while I was out.  Looking at all of the chatters and emails I was cc’ed on, it looks like you both did a stellar job of handling challenging situations!  I’m very grateful to have you both on the Professional Services team!!! 🙂
  • I heard you’ve done an outstanding job managing many complex projects during the holidays, which helped us stay afloat of our workload. Thank you for all of your hard work. It’s so great to have you full-time.
  • Excited to be on the team with you!
  • Your quick action on Washington Hilton inspires me!!!  Way to go!
  • Thank you for all of your custom CAD help & assisting Sarah with the transition! 🙂
  • Every day you impress me with how you keep all of your projects and workload streamlined. Your attention to detail and organization is amazing. Keep up the good work!
  • Amazing job resolving the vectorworks issue yourself!!  #self-starter
  • Great job being thorough figuring out AT&T floor plans in Destination!!!  #CommittedToQuality


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