CheersLeader of the Month: Trevor Lynn

Why Do We Have a CheersLeader of the Week?

We periodically interview one of our amazing co-workers to highlight on our culture blog.  A great culture is 100% about the people that drive it.  We come from different places, backgrounds, and experiences and all add a lot of spice to this workplace.

Note from the editor: Instead of recognizing those who received the most Cheers like we do each week, we want to highlight a special individual who makes it a priority to recognize others for the amazing work they do, making them our CheersLeader of the Week!

CheersLeader of the Week: Trevor Lynn


Tabler Since: August 2012

Hails From: Ohio!


Proud Alumni Of: American University

What is your role at Social Tables? I head up the Marketing team. Our job is to create a valuable, enjoyable and memorable experience for anyone interacting with Social Tables.IMG_9386-385 (1).jpg

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables? I was working at LivingSocial doing analysis for the Sales strategy department.

What do you like to do outside of work? I’m from a small farm town which means that even after 8 years of living in DC, I still love to just wander around the city. When I’m not strolling around DC aimlessly, I like to to wander, eat and drink my way through other cities near and far.

Sometimes he brings a chair with him!

Talk about your favorite Core Value: I love Hospitality Matters. Hospitality is about how you make other people feel. It’s about being genuinely happy to make other people happy and treating everyone with respect.

Talk about your favorite Social Tables event: I think our first Family Weekend was incredible. We put on a fantastic weekend of activities for well over 100 people and did it on a shoestring budget. That helped me learn a valuable lesson that great events don’t have to cost a lot if planned well.

The first family weekend was smaller than the current headcount of ST. My how the times have changed!

What makes you weird? I hate doing things twice and I’m not big on routines. I never (well, rarely) order the same food or drinks, walk the same route to work or watch movies I’ve already seen. Life’s too short for repeats. I’d rather try something I’m pretty sure I’ll dislike than go with a guarantee.

A Few Cheers from Peers:

  • Thanks for adding a ferry boat to our section of the office. #London2016
  • Trevor – thank you for everything the last 3 1/2 years. Since day one you’ve been an amazing boss, mentor and friend. Can’t wait to see what’s to come from Social Tables!
  • Props to handling a really difficult situation with poise and grace. Not an easy job to be the messenger of that kind of news and balance the range of emotions in the room. Looking forward to next steps for ST in 2017!
  • Thanks for all of your dedication to the reorganization and as always setting this company up for success in the future.
  • Awesome planning session meeting! Feeling super great about the direction that the team is going and excited to tackle 2017!
  • You absolutely positively crushed today’s Marriott meeting. You were the perfect yin to my yang. Thank you for your support! Loved working with you today.
  • thanks for reminding me we should do marketing campaigns on the marketing team 🙂 appreciate the extra push , helps me know it’s worth setting aside some thinking time


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