What’s the Haps? Upcoming Events at STHQ – November 2016

When Social Tables moved into the now iconic STHQ at 1325 G St. NW, we hosted a press conference with Mayor Muriel Bowser during which we committed ourselves to hosting at least 100 events in our first two years in STHQ. We want our space to bring the DC community and DC Tech scene together, all the while helping others experience the power of face-to-face meetings. And now, our 10,000sf of flexible, functional space is continuing to serve the DC community in new and interesting ways.

First, what percent to goal are we on our 100 event by the end of 2017 commitment? We are 98% to goal at the start of this month after a few cancellations, and anticipate hitting 100 unique events hosted in the space in the next two or so weeks!

What’s coming up at STHQ in October 2016? Remember, this list is ever growing and changing, but below you’ll find a listing of the events we anticipate having at STHQ in October.

Upcoming Events

  • November 3: Code for DC, hosted by Tabler John Oakley

At Code for DC, people from all walks of life come together to connect with engineers to tackle and find technical solutions for civic problems in the District of Columbia. You can join this group through the group through the Code for DC meet-up group!

  • November 10: Python Dojo, hosted by Tabler Darryl Hall

The Python Dojo is a place for developers to eat, socialize, and test out project ideas or products that have been or will be written in Python. You can join them by registering here.

  • November 14: Front End Lab – Women Who Code, hosted by Tabler Clare Hutchings

Front End Lab (FEL) is a study group where women can come together and help each other learn and understand front end web development. We welcome devs of all levels and encourage those with more experience to help out those that are just starting.  You can join the group through Women Who Code’s meet-up group!

  • November 15: Her Corner – SolidCore, hosted by Tabler Sam Cicotello

Her Corner is a community for women business owners who want to collaborate with others in order to grow their businesses. They will host their next edition of their speaker series with founder, owner, and CEO of SolidCore, Anne Mahlum. This event is open to the public with ticket purchase.

  • November 16: React DC Hack Night, hosted by Tabler Erica Geiser

Developers from the DC metro area come together to do some hands-on React, whether that’s working on their own side project, doing a tutorial, or teaming up with someone else at the meet-up. This event is open to the public through React’s meet-up group!

  • November 17: Node DC Meetup, hosted by Tabler Dan MacTough

NodeDC brings node.js developers together to share ideas and solutions in Washington, DC. You can join the group through NodeDC’s meet-up group!

  • November 29: React DC Talk Night, hosted by Tabler Erica Geiser

Jim McGee and Ian Reis from Social Tables give a talk on Horizon, RethinkDB and Redux for Real-Time Collaboration. This event is open to the public through React’s meet-up group!

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