Event Profile: Social Tables Communities Tradeshow


Social Tables prides itself on helping our customers make their meetings and events memorable, and occasionally, we are lucky enough to be involved in hosting great events, too! In our event profiles, you’ll learn about the events we loved planning or participating in and the people who made them happen.

Event Name: Social Tables Communities Tradeshow

Hosting Organization: Social Tables Culture Club

Tabler Point of Contact/Host: Nick DeLessio

SToccer (ST Soccer) Community on a gorgeous Tuesday on the Mall

Location: Social Tables Salons

Date/Time: Friday, September 23, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

ST Beer Community touring 3 Stars in DC

Purpose/Why this event matters to Social Tables and its community:

One of our core values is “Be Outrageous: Have fun, be weird, and always be you.” We take our values to heart when it comes to hiring, and consequently we have a pretty vibrant community of Tablers. “Outrageous” comes in all stripes and colors, and we wanted to celebrate that.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that the one thing Tablers love is a good event to celebrate something. So naturally, when we asked ourselves how we could highlight the various communities at Social Tables, we went with a  trade show style event. Anyone who wanted to showcase a Social Tables community got a booth and the chance to tell 130+ coworkers what makes their community special.

ST Board Game Community playing Ticket to Ride

Event highlight(s):

We define “community” pretty loosely. For us, a community is anything that creates a group of like-minded individuals through communication and camaraderie. As you can image with a definition that broad, a lot of communities came out of the woodwork. In all, we had 24 different communities represented with over 100 signups for their internal channels.  And the really amazing thing is that we didn’t do anything special to catalyze those communities. They all already existed at Social Tables, we had just never put a name to them. We always knew it intuitively, but our Community Tradeshow allowed us to see first-hand just how truly outrageous we are.

ST Bocce Community not playing bocce (a common theme for the community)

A list of some of our Tabler communities:

  • STravel (Social Tables Travel)
  • Pet Owners
  • Qmunity (LGBT)
  • Photography Club
  • ST Film Club
  • ST Beer
  • Ping Pong
  • Boardgames
  • ST Wine Club
  • Book Club
  • ST Yoga
  • ST Ballers (Basketball)
  • SToccer (Social Tables Soccer)
  • ST Running
  • Hiking
  • ST Golf
  • ST Wheels (Biking)
  • Spinning
  • STargazing
  • ST Whiskey
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Public Speaking
  • Wedding Planning
  • CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) Prep

Social Tables Event Diagram:


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