CheersLeader of the Month: Will Watters

Why Do We Have a CheersLeader of the Month?

We periodically interview one of our amazing co-workers to highlight on our culture blog.  A great culture is 100% about the people that drive it.  We come from different places, backgrounds, and experiences and all add a lot of spice to this workplace.

Normally, we recognize those who receive the most peer-to-peer recognition, but occasionally, instead of recognizing those who received the most. Occasionally, we want to highlight a special individual who makes it a priority to recognize others for the amazing work they do, making them our CheersLeader of the Month!

CheersLeader of the Week:  Will Watters


Tabler Since: February, 2016

Hails From:  Denver, CO (Suuh dood)

Proud Alumni Of: San Diego State University, Aztec for Life

What is your role at Social Tables? Account Manager

And resident weird-face-maker.

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables?  I worked for CEB’s Integrated Talent Management group.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to do activities outdoors, watch Denver sports teams, travel, and alotta nerdy stuff (I’m currently in Business School at GWU).  Also a big TV guy, HBO programming in particular. Oh and eating granola and flax seeds, because that’s what people from CO do.  Also Dogs, I like dogs a lot.

Outside with dogs = Will’s favorite. These are his family dogs, Bridget and Spencer.

Talk about your favorite Core Value:

Tough call, I come in contact with all 7 on a daily basis.  I’ll take a stab at It Takes a Village: I believe teamwork and collaboration are essential to success, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish (John Wooden would agree).   We strive to do this on a daily basis, which is pretty cool.

Talk about your favorite Social Tables event:

Also a tough call because I’ve actually been out of town for the 2 previous big  company events (my friends like to get married during company functions I guess).  Anytime Van Luu and Mike D interact, or when Graham Wheeler is playing ping pong, those are pretty special events.  I also really like the product demos/weekly HH, the organic interaction is fascinating and fun to be apart of/witness.

Another event he enjoyed? Super Bowl 48.

What makes you weird?

I send the most cheers?…….. My dancing?

Probably best left for others’ interpretation.

Doesn’t hurt his weird factor when he “live broadcasts” ping pong, either.

Your Favorite Cheers from Peers: 

  • Cheers to you for being on top of your renewal game! It makes our jobs a lot easier when you’re reaching out to clients months in advance! Keep up the great work 🙂
  • Thanks man for being awesome and getting those requests in so quickly!
  • Cheers for staying level headed & for keeping me on track! Love working with you on accounts!
  • Thanks for your help bringing my live broadcast to life – you made my dream a reality. I really appreciate your time and effort.
  • The posture that you have when you stand at your desk is inspiring.
  • Cheers to your jump shot. Nice work out there today
  • Thank you for spreading sunshine in the form of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best.
  • #QuarterWatterWill . Well done and congrats man
  • Thank you for being the partner I need but don’t deserve.
  • Great work managing the PSAV partnership! It is not an easy (and very untraditional) client and I am very impressed with how you are strategically working the renewal.

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