What’s the Haps? Upcoming STHQ Events – October 2016

When Social Tables moved into the now iconic STHQ at 1325 G St. NW, we hosted a press conference with Mayor Muriel Bowser during which we committed ourselves to hosting at least 100 events in our first two years in STHQ. We want our space to bring the DC community and DC Tech scene together, all the while helping others experience the power of face-to-face meetings. And now, our 10,000sf of flexible, functional space is continuing to serve the DC community in new and interesting ways.

First, what percent to goal are we on our 100 event by the end of 2017 commitment? We are 91% to goal at the start of this month and anticipate hitting 100 events hosted in the space this month!

STHQ Events.jpg
That’s what 91 events in 9 months looks like!

What’s coming up at STHQ in October 2016? Remember, this list is ever growing and changing, but below you’ll find a listing of the events we anticipate having at STHQ in October.

Upcoming Events

  • October 5: Code for DC hosted by Tabler John Oakley

At Code for DC, people from all walks of life come together to connect with engineers to tackle and find technical solutions for civic problems in the District of Columbia.

  • October 11: Event Farm: Event Marketing Roadshow hosted by Tabler Rachel Dobroth

The Event Farm Event Marketing Roadshow will focus on the future of events and experiences and provides an opportunity to network with your peers in the industry as well as hear from industry experts on what they see for the future of the business offline.

  • October 12: Python Dojo, hosted by Tabler Darryl Hall

The Python Dojo is a place for developers to eat, socialize, and test out project ideas or products that have been or will be written in Python.

  • October 15: Bossed Up Bootcamp, hosted by Tablers Kristin Zeitler and Dana Hagar

Bossed Up Bootcamp provides the tools, like assertive communication, negotiation, and more that women need to turn their ambition into action.

  • October 19: Mentor Method, hosted by Tabler Laura Lopez

The Mentor Method provides curated mentor matches, connecting ambitious millennial women who are the next generation of leaders with Washington, DC’s change-making mentors at the top of their game.

  • October 25: DCFemTech’s Tour de Code, NodeSchoolDC, hosted by Tabler Dan MacTough

DCFemTech’s Tour de Code is a collaboration with dozens of organizations (Women Who Code, Startup Weekend, Mission Launch and more) to help women advance their technical skills.

  • October 26: Node.js Live, hosted by Tabler Dan MacTough

Node.js Live is a series of global events presented by the Node.js Foundation that brings together local Node.js developers around the world. Each event is different and tailored to the local community, varying in length and in some cases in partnership with local Node.js groups and users.

  • October 27: Epiphani “…In Heels” Women’s Networking Event

Epiphani Agency will be hosting a women’s creative and professional networking social, “…In Heels.”



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