Outstanding Core Value Contribution: Hospitality Matters

Each month at our Global Takeover Congress (sometimes known as an all-hands meeting), we recognize a Tabler or group of Tablers for contributing to our culture by exemplifying our core values. In our Outstanding Core Value Contribution series, we’ll highlight those folks each month and show how their contributions bettered Social Tables.

Who are the big winners this month?
Michael Dumont and Conor Hastings from our Engineering team, along with David Goodman, Laura Lopez, and Graham Wheeler from our MarCom team.

What core value are you being recognized for and why?

Hospitality Matters for planning the inaugural DC Tech Ping Pong Tournament. The event was held on September 7, 2016 and hosted members of the tech community from all over DC. Thirty people played (you can see how they stacked up in the bracket) and the winners included:

  • Pink Medal (First Place): David James, @CoworkCafes
  • White Medal (Second Place): Aaron Lincoff, @Contactually
  • Bronze Medal (Third Place): Vipin Nair, OnDeck Capital, @vinc_89

What did you do to go above and beyond?

David G: We welcomed the DC Tech community to the office. It wasn’t limited to a job profile or a type of person and was an opportunity for fun for the entire community. 

What was the impetus to do this?

Laura L: Well, it all started on Periscope. We were pretty regularly live-streaming games and other DC Tech companies started to challenge us, so we went for it. There was a lot of excitement and energy around getting together and battling it out, so we struck while the iron was hot.

Round One!

Why did this matter?

Laura L: No one was staying with the people from their company, but there was a lot of going and talking to other people. That surprised us initially, especially seeing such a great response through just social media without any major time spent on advertising.

Conor H: There was a lot of socializing and was one of the friendlier meet-ups I’ve been to.

Graham W: We kept it simple. We wanted to play ping pong, eat pizza, drink beer, and have some fun. We stayed focused on the fun and didn’t try to force it. 

Michael D: It mattered because it was totally co-mingled and not “cliquey.” The focus on ping-pong and meeting more people, not all the extras, made it awesome.

Graham Wheeler, planner and player, against the TV facing off


Do you think your efforts effected Social Tables?

Laura L: Absolutely! This event let us show we are a hospitality company and not just a tech company. We got to see a lot of smaller businesses, ones we didn’t know and who didn’t know us, and it was good for brand awareness. Now we’re up for DC’s passion projects as finalists because of it.

Michael D: It’s hard to measure specifics, but the DC Inno mentions were definitely worth it! 

What else should we know?

Graham W: That I was happy to work with all these people!

David G: We aren’t normally the planners for these things, but we didn’t have any useless meetings, there was healthy conflict and it made the event even better. This definitely wasn’t a standard meet-up, it was super exciting and different. 

Michael D: Agree, the planning process was very organic and low stress. We wanted to welcome DC Tech to get together and I think that’s why we were recognized for our core value Hospitality Matters. We didn’t put the Social Tables name name on it, focused on spreading the word in the community, and staying inclusive.

We truly wanted to deliver an outstanding experience and everyone in the group was invested in a way that would make us successful. With each challenge, we knew we’d figure it out and make it work. Everyone on the team was was willing to do anything.

Graham W: We all loved something about this – ping pong, beer, social stuff, or whatever it was. Things you like to do come easily, and when you have a goal in mind that goes towards that, it makes it easier to excel and deliver a great product.

Some of the Social Tables team members and the Spotluck Team!

Note from the editor: we are excited to launch our core value contribution line of posts! The team highlighted here was cross-departmental and collaborative, and welcomed the DC Tech community to STHQ. We appreciate their contributions and look forward to continuing to recognize those who make a difference at ST!

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