Event Profile: STommelier Competition

Social Tables prides itself on helping our customers make their meetings and events memorable, and occasionally, we are lucky enough to be involved in hosting great events, too! In our event profiles, you’ll learn about the events we loved planning or participating in and the people who made them happen.

Note from the editor: We’re thrilled to introduce the first installment of our Event Profile series. Near and dear to my heart, this was planned by five of our newest Tablers as a way to surprise and delight the ST crew. Congratulations on the recognition – we’re proud of you!

Event Name: STommelier Competition

Hosting Organization: New Tablers from August 2016

Tabler Point of Contact/Host: Darius Gatlin, Kareem Omary, Melissa Rauch, Sarah Currey, & Troy Moss

Some of the new Tabler hosts, including Troy, Melissa, Sarah, and Kareem (photo cred: Joy Asico (www.asicophoto.com)

Purpose/Why this event matters to Social Tables and its community: The purpose of this event was to introduce all of the new Tablers of August to the rest of the Social Tables community. They did this by bringing people together with food (read: cheese – one of Social Tables’ favorites), wine, and a little bit of friendly competition.

Each bottle was covered and Tablers got the chance to sniff, taste, and judge each wine for to determine its type. The Tabler who guessed made the closest educated estimate won a fancy bottle of wine.

The big winner? Colin Jones, aka Captain Salesforce


Location: Salons S & T at Social Tables headquarters


Date/Time: Wednesday, September 7 from 4 pm – 5:30 pm

Event highlight(s): The highlights of the event for the Tablers was getting to know some of the team who they don’t normally get to interact with everyday, as well as seeing people in a competitive environment.

Looks like the ST Team had a good time!

Any tips on what you wish you knew before the event / lessons learned?

From the team: “We learned that there is a lot of little details that go into event planning like placement of the trash cans, and the flow of the crowd. Next time, we would have a greeter at the door with instructions of where to get the paper slips to vote and direct people to where to start the wine tasting. There were also a lot of people who came at different times, so we could have been more prepared with cups to taste the wine already out on the table. Now we are more prepared than ever to plan our next event!”

From the People Team: “Feel free to plan another anytime!”

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