Tabler of the Week: Laura Lopez

Why Do We Have a Tabler of the Week?

We periodically interview one of our amazing co-workers to highlight on our culture blog.  A great culture is 100% about the people that drive it.  We come from different places, backgrounds, and experiences and all add a lot of spice to this workplace.

Tabler of the Week: Laura Lopez



Tabler Since: October 2014

Hails From: Good ol’ Fairfax, Va

Proud Alumni Of: George Mason University (Go Patriots!)

What is your role at Social Tables? Senior Community Manager

And super cool sister…this was taken at Family Weekend 2016!

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables? Before Social Tables, I worked for a government contractor on two different projects: 1) I was a quasi Product Manager, managing a website for the U.S. Army and 2) I also built a community from the ground up for recovering Service Members for the DoD. In jobs past, I have also been a recruiter, a business development associate, and a skateboarding instructor (#gnar).

What do you like to do outside of work? On most weekends, you can find me slinging craft beer and/or teaching people about craft beer at my local brewery (Port City Brewing Company, named America’s Best Small Brewery!) or catching up on bad television (hello, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives aka Triple D and Undercover Boss). Also, huge on traveling! I’m going to Norway and Sweden next week.

This is Laura at the top of a mountain in Garmisch, Germany taking a selfie. It’s also the only documented photo of her hiking 🙂

Talk about your favorite Core Value: Be Outrageous! I love that everyone at ST has a little ounce of weird 🙂

We did a brewery tour together…definitely weird. 

Talk about your favorite Social Tables event: Definitely a tie between the ST Holiday Party of 2014 and Family Weekend 2015.

Meesh & Laura had another epic photo sesh at the Holiday Party.

What makes you weird? I love corgis A LOT! Yet, I don’t own one myself… maybe soon? If you want corgi Instagram handles to follow, I got you covered. Also, I love learning marginally useful languages for fun (Jag kan talar svenska!). I also LOVE game shows- it’s a bucket list item to be on Family Feud, Jeopardy, or Wheel of Fortune.

This is Laura and her family at her cousin’s wedding in California…apparently weird runs in the family!

Cheers from Peers:

  • Thank you all for taking time away from your busy schedules to be apart of the UMD student incubator visit today. Your answers to all their questions were rather on fleek and very insightful. They all had a great time and didn’t want to leave. You all will obviously be the reason they are successful and change the world. Thanks again.
  • The latest podcast is so good! Keep up the great work guys!! I love it.
  • thanks for being a true PIC in all things podcasts and events! you are super smart, crazy organized, and welcoming to any and all tablers.
  • Brexit article was awesome!! Really impressed with all the plates you’re spinning and the quality next level. Thanks for everything you do
  • You are the bomb dot com for helping me set up the trade show room. Thank you!
  • You produced SO MANY words this week. Super excited about the direction we’re going in.
  • congrats for being a stellar work buddy and/or comrade. seeing you get amped over what you do is p inspiring, dog.


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