Tabler of the Week: Van Luu

Tabler of the Week: Van Luu Number 2, Van-Damage, Bamboo, Luu

Tabler Since: November 2015

Van deep sea fishing – he caught 10 of these that day!

Hails From: Springfield, Virginia

Proud Alumni Of: George Mason

What is your role at Social Tables?  Account Executive

Van buying out all of the pizza to help feed the homeless. The guys behind him weren’t too happy, but lots of others were!

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables? Enterprise Sales at Distil Networks (another Bessemer Venture Partners company)

What do you like to do outside of work? Anything with good weather involved. I play recreational sports 3-4 times a week (flag football, softball, basketball). Eat good food including my mom’s cooking – we have a family restaurant Pho Gourmet. Find new places to eat, drink, and be happy. Fishing. Constantly searching and listening to any kind of music.

Van as the quarterback for the Joes in the Joes vs. Pros charity game with the Washington Redskins. Look at those moves to avoid Lorenzo Alexander and Antwaan Randle El!

Talk about your favorite Core Value: Teams are families. I genuinely care about the people in our office. It’s been great getting to know everyone. I would go to war and drink smoothies with this team any time.

Van’s everything, his lovely #mommaluu when she was 22

Talk about your favorite Social Tables event: Our holiday party. It was one of the best holiday parties I’ve been to. The Spy Museum was an amazing venue and I had a great time with all of the Tablers. It was also my first month at ST so it was a great opportunity to meet everyone.

image1 (1)
Van, fellow Tabler Alan, and their lovely dates enjoying the 2015 ST Holiday Party!

What makes you weird? Everything. I talk to myself..a lot. Like full conversations. I make myself laugh. I’m OCD. Occasionally, I’ll sing and dance at any given time. I was told that refrigerating my oranges is weird? I just like cold orange slices. Is showering twice a day weird? Every morning and before bed (no I don’t sweat during my sleep).

Cheers from Peers:

  • Thank you for your curiosity about 3D!
  • Closing deals baby! #randolphmacon GO YELLOW JACKETS!!!
  • WOW! Congrats VAN on winning the first ever ping pong match!!!!!! You’re the best!!!!! #VANtheMAN #ithinkiVAN #iknowiVAN #arenaleaguepingpong
  • Thank you for setting up the ping pong table! You guys rule.
  • Loving the jams! Thank you for always being such a fun person to have in the office!
  • I love working with you and making shit happen! Let’s continue to draw up game plans and break records!
  • Keep killing it man!
  • Awesome job this week. You’re a sales beacon of lights!
  • Thank you for being patient as we work through important changes to SFDC. Keep cashing checks and snappin’ necks!
And Van wasn’t kidding about loving cold orange slices!



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