Social Tables Named As One of Washington’s Fastest Growing Companies

We’re thrilled to share that Social Tables has been recognized by the D.C. business and technology community as one of Washington’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Social Tables was selected from a large pool of D.C. start-ups that are brimming with innovation. The company differentiated itself with its commitment to a thriving, employee-focused culture that operates as a deliberately developmental organization. Thanks to this, the company has grown to 110 full-time employees since its conception in 2011, and is preparing to move into a 30,000 square-foot office space near the White House in late December.


“We value developing the capabilities of our people, and make every effort to help them grow professionally and personally. That nurturing culture is what sets us apart, and it is directly responsible for our success,” says Social Tables’ VP of People Operations, Sam Cicotello.

For more information on Social Tables’ growth, please contact Claire Repass, CMP at


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  1. I retired from a company that provided online education seminars for working professionals. Even though it was on line, we occasionally held conferences and in house seminars. Your company sounds so new and exciting and so necessary for anyone holding in house events. In looking at your available jobs, they look like you focus only in Washington DC. Have you thought about extending your market throughout the United States by using sales representatives located in other states? These could be part time positions. Most major companies plan and could use this software for corporate events not to mention wedding planners all over the U.S. I would have an interest in being such a person. Thanks for your time.


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