Tabler of the Week: Sophie Johnson

This post was written by Sarah Ghessie, Operations Manager for Social Tables.

In the Spotlight: Sophie Johnson

Tabler Since: April 2014

Where are you from?

I’m originally from a suburb outside of LA called Valencia or “Awesometown.” No, seriously, “Just another day in…Awesometown” is their ad campaign. What’s really important is that I prefer In-N-Out Burger to Shake Shack, like any other sane adult.

hat chiavari peace

What is your role at Social Tables?

I co-manage a team of 10 amazingly talented Customer Advocates. Our team collectively trains, supports, and onboards Enterprise accounts with our software. Every day is dynamic and exhilarating, and I am consistently inspired by our team’s creativity, innovation, and passion for the vision of our company. They’re the reason I get out of bed in the morning…and I really, really like to sleep.

What were you doing before you came to Social Tables?

BST (Before Social Tables), I worked for the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), helping to plan and execute international conventions and conferences in places like New York, Chicago, Tokyo, San Francisco, and Beijing.

My major draw to Social Tables was its blogging pet jelly fish, Belly the Jelly, who I am convinced needs to make a reappearance on this blog! #BringBackBelly


Talk about your favorite Social Tables event:

Hands down, it’s Family Weekend. Considering we all have “grown up jobs,” it was refreshing not only for my parents to experience our passion and culture firsthand, but I now feel like they’re part of the Tabler family.

My mom may have even made it out on the dance floor at the After Party. Guess we both just can’t resist some T-Swift.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I wish I were cooler and could talk about my epic spelunking adventures, but quite honestly, I have a passion for Netflix, BBC, HBO – general television.

I’ll also cook the occasional German meal, watch the occasional German soccer game (Mia san Mia), roll with our Tabler Bocce Team, emergency plan for the next zombie apocalypse, or obsess over cat videos.

I actually Zengo-cycled last week, which I’m pretty sure is the reason I got enough Tabler “Cheers” to qualify for this spotlight.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 7.05.05 PM

Talk about your favorite Core Value:

My favorite core value is Every Day is a School Day (EDIASD). More specifically, Social Tables prides itself on being a Deliberately Developmental Organization, or as we call it, a “DDO.”

In a nutshell, a DDO creates a culture that immersively involves people in the process, where they grow on a day to day basis and feel empowered to be “a full human.” Working at a DDO is never comfortable, as you are always learning and growing – challenging yourself to embrace your strengths, develop your weaknesses, and dabble in “new” things.

Guess what? Social Tables has a whole blog on this core value, so here’s my shameless plug to read more.

What makes you weird?

Ok, internet. Are you ready?

  • Propensity to get in dance offs. And I’m talking those embarrassing, “let’s pretend we don’t know her,” “whip my hair back and forth” type. This ties into my affinity for animal suits and my stint as American University’s mascot, Clawed Z. Eagle.


  • Major pun problems. I try to reach my PUNtential on a daily basis. However, my team feels like I’m PUNishing them (insert Jesse C’s eyeroll). It’s quantity, not quality.
  • Weird connection with Britney Spears. We share the same birthday, so each Halloween I do some version of Britney “through the ages” and hope to one day have a joint bday bash.
  • Batman. Between philosophical debates on justice and my nerf utility belt, I have a not-so-on-the-down-low love for the Caped Crusader. Sometimes it gets cold in the office, so I wear this:batman
  • With Batman, comes general nerdiness. I read super long fantasy book series like The Wheel of Time and get in debates with Tablers on how Jon Snow will be reborn.

Cheers from Peers:

  • “I’m consistently in awe of your absolute dedication to the success of the company and our team. Semi-forcing people to mingle, staying late to perfect GS’s guest list, always having a word of encouragement (or a pun!) for everyone. You da best, gurl.”
  • “Hey – I just wanted you to know I see the great work you are doing with your team. Your ability to coach and guide is making a difference for this company and for the lives and happiness of the Tablers around you. Keep up the great work.”
  • “Congrats on completing your first Zengo spin class!! Proud of you. When’s the next one?”

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