Introducing the Sonos-Off, a Group DJ Battle for the Connected Office

This post was written by Social Tables’ Founder & CEO, Dan Berger


At Social Tables, we love having music playing in our office, so we bought 8 Sonos speakers and setup multiple audio environments to make sure the music doesn’t stop. Apart from setting the mood in our office, it ensures conversations can take place in our open office environment without the awkward feeling that you’re being listened to.


We also have another tradition at Social Tables: Friday Happy Hour. As the workday wraps up at the end of the week, Tablers gather to socialize and some of our non-work friends join the festivities.

So what do these two traditions have in common? The two gave way to the Sonos-Off, a game we created at Social Tables that merges our love for music from Sonos and Happy Hour.

check out our sonos playlist

It’s sort of like a mobile powered group DJ battle. Here is how it works:

Object of Play

Two teams go head-to-head in a turn-based song battle. The game’s objective is to score a maximum of 90 points. The team with the most points wins.


Number of Players

Two teams with up to 5 people per team. A panel of 3 independent judges.


9 rounds, each lasts about 5 minutes.

How to Play

  1. Split the group in two teams and form a panel of judges.
  2. Each team designates a captain.
  3. At its turn, a team selects a song and plays it over the Sonos system.
  4. After no more than 60 seconds of airtime, the judges grade the selected song on a scale of 1-10.
  5. The other team goes next.
  6. This is repeated for 9 rounds. Once 9 rounds are over, the scores are tallied and the team with the highest score wins.


Add dancing (synchronized a plus) and taunting to improve your team’s score.


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  1. Dan- awesome article! You and I need to make a team because I’m pretty sure we would #crushit!


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