Why Are We Here? The Motivation Behind Becoming a Tabler.

This post was written by our VP of People Operations, Sam Cicotello.

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We want to be an employer of choice for the right people.  Our office energy is amazing and contagious…and that’s because of the people who work here. What drove these amazing individuals, who we call Tablers, to choose us in the first place?  Last week we just asked:

What was the primary reason that motivated you to join us?

The answers aren’t surprising, but they are illuminating. The top categories were: 1) They loved the culture 2) They wanted to make an impact and 3) They craved innovation.

“I wanted to wake up every day excited to go to work, and I felt Social Tables would give me the opportunity to have this experience!”

Culture: It’s all about the people. The people that work here are amazing and it shows. Great, hard working people like to be surrounded by other great, hard working people.  Friendly people like to be surrounded by other friendly people.  So for us it’s a virtuous cycle.

“The technical challenges and opportunity to work with a fast-growing company interested me, but it was the people I met during the interview phase who pulled me in with their honesty and openness, their work ethic, and their weirdness!”

Tablers also called out the welcoming atmosphere, energy, learning environment and ability to grow personally and professionally.  One of the many ways we encourage professional and personal growth is by selecting a Tabler at random to right a post for our employee-driven blog, Every Day Is a School Day (the title pays homage to one of our core values) .

“The fact that learning is heavily encouraged/ good environment to grow quickly/make real contributions.”

Impact: With a big purpose and a small staff, it’s immediately apparent that everyone can help shape this business and add meaningful value. Tablers crave that.  They also see the potential to impact the hospitality industry and make a meaningful difference.

“The opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and add value to an amazing organization.”

Innovation:  An amazing product also attracts top talent. Our engineers love building innovative products. Our sales team loves selling industry altering products.  We also have a true desire to work with our customers and help them solve their problems, and we hire problem solvers.

“I believe in the product and understand how it can be very helpful in the event industry.”

This shows a clear glimpse into the energetic, and fast-paced nature of our workforce. Certainly it’s not for everyone. But for the right people it’s a stellar place to thrive.

Oh – and by the way…if you think you are one of the right people, we’re hiring!

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