Our Company Values, Part IV

This post was written by Social Tables CEO, Dan Berger.

In our final installment of this blog series, we talk to members of the Social Tables family about the final company values that make our product and work environment unique.

High Quality. Done is better than perfect but we don’t stop until we over-deliver.

Be Outrageous. A little weird and always fun.

Enjoy the progression of how Social Tables has developed over the past few months and years and all the fun we’ve had along the way.

oz white background final

I believe if you can’t produce a high quality product, that you shouldn’t produce anything at all. When building our iOS app, we have taken many steps to ensure that it’s high quality, which could mean many different versions and tweaks in order to make it perfect.” -Oz Kosoglu

st 2011

push up club



jake white background final

“We offer high quality customer support, even custom drawing floor plans for people.  On the product team we strive to make things work well on a variety of browsers so that anyone can have access to our product.” -Jake Scott

ST 2013

silly 1 corners

dan white background

“The world would suck without weird people. Every office tries to say that they are fun but they don’t do much about it. At Social Tables, we encourage people to be themselves… and everyone is a little quirky. That’s what makes them who they are. By incorporating it into our core values we essentially welcome everyone’s personality.” -Dan Berger

As Social Tables continues to evolve, it is the nine company values detailed in this blog that will continue to inspire and motivate us. It is our dedication to our customers, product, and each other that has made Social Tables what it is and what will drive into the future.

Learn about all of our company values by reading parts III, and III of this series.

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