Our Company Values, Part III

This post was written by Social Tables CEO, Dan Berger.

In our third installment of this blog series (See 1 & 2 here) exploring the company values that drive Social Tables and our product, some of our team will offer their thoughts on the following values:

Constant Innovation. We build the best to be the best.

Stay Lean. We snack small but dream in 10 courses.

st border real

From left to right: Chris Clement, Sarah Ghessie, Brittney Bernstein, Julia Damon, Zaid Ibrahim.

Staying Lean and Constant Innovation are always working hand-in-hand at Social Tables to create a high-quality product. “We use our resources to the fullest. While our monetary resources may be more limited than larger companies, by using our knowledge, passion, and drive to learn, we are able to perform the best way we can,” says Julia Damon.

According to Chris Clement, being a good listener is how “we prioritize our clients’ needs and we are able to ‘Stay Lean’ by focusing on building solutions that meet those needs versus building products that are not of value to our clients.” Brittney Bernstein points out that this push for innovation is evident in every department.

“The sales team uses different tactics each week to make them stronger, the product team deploys new features every single week, the marketing team launches new campaigns daily, and the customer service team has to figure out the best way to onboard and re-sign clients.”

“It’s this dreaming big that helps us develop cutting edge features that enhance our product and develop a deeper connection with our clients,” says Sarah Ghessie.

You can’t have one value without the other, insists Zaid Ibrahim. “By aiming for ‘Constant Innovation’, ‘Staying Lean’ helps us move forward to bigger and better things. It keeps us moving in the right direction and gives us the opportunity to constantly grow and change to bring our clients the best possible product.”

Learn about all of our company values by reading parts III and IV of this series.

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