Our Company Values, Part II

This post was written by Social Tables CEO, Dan Berger.

In our second installment of our 4-part blog series exploring the company values that inspire and infuse Social Tables, a few of our team members offer their thoughts on the following:

Teams are Families. We care for one another, trust each other, and empower each other.

Always Honest. We are transparent and real in our communication with one another.

jesse sticky note2

“Families are built on trust, and trust is built by honesty. For the hospitality team, transparency is key for us to learn quickly and efficiently. This means each of us has to be honest about our hard work and trusting that each other member is working just as hard to make our team the best it can be every day.

In other sales environments I have worked in, reps kept to themselves and hid their success. This held everyone back.”

Cerys sticky note“Families count on each other for love and support, which is exactly what happens here.  We all work hand and hand, offer constructive criticism, as we all have a common goal of success for both Social Tables, and each other.  We all grow every day, step by step, none of which would be possible without each other.”

dj sticky note 2

“Teams are families and always honest are seen daily at Social Tables.

Because of the accountability everyone brings there is trust across departments.  This is evident not only with the public goals we created but at the end of week happy hour, random lunches, and 6 o’clock pushup club.

Growing up every kid fears hearing: “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” At Social Tables, everyone works hard enough that we hear “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.”

trevor sticky note 2

“These are two of my favorite values. You can have one without the other. The way we have become a family here at Social Tables is by being honest with each other. We have a great culture where people aren’t afraid to say “I don’t know how to do that” or “I need help with this project” and that type of honesty creates a family environment in which we are always helping each other, learning from each other, and growing with each other. In most companies, people don’t show vulnerability because they would look weak but we see it as an opportunity to improve.”

justin sticky note2“‘Always Honest” is a value that resonates with me. Internally, leadership keeps all of the team updated on the future of the company and gives us full transparency into what they’re doing. Externally, we’re empowered to communicate our program’s new capabilities and future development with our partners so we can set realistic expectations and deliver on our promises.”

Matthew sticky note

“Families are the core unit of human life. Good functional families lead to good functional children, dysfunctional families create dysfunctional children. Startups have hooked into this idea and promote the company as a family. Its a great analogy for many of us. Startup employees tend to be young and many are far from their traditional families and so we eat, work and play together. ”

alex sticky note 3

“From the moment I started at Social Tables I felt that there was a solid example of what was expected from everyone and honesty was a major component of that. Honesty was stressed as an important component for our team to grow and be successful, particularly in the context of open communication.Unlike other places I’ve worked, at Social Tables employees are free to voice concerns and offer their honest opinion to each other which is a main driver of how fast we have grown.

Honesty also fosters the idea that teams are families. This is represented in the several team outings, and the fact that we all spend so much time with each other on the weekdays often seeing our co-workers more than we see our significant others and many of us still get together for happy hours or weekend outings.”

Learn about all of our company values by reading parts IIII and IV of this series.

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