From the Desk of Belly: Week 7

This post was written by Social Tables’ Manager, Communications, Claire Harrington, CMP.

The Cherry Blossoms are blooming, thus far we’ve managed to avoid the throngs of tourists who invade DC each year at this time, and most importantly, we discovered a GRILLED CHEESE BAR blocks from our office. As if those things didn’t make the week great enough, check out the rest of the office happenin’s below!

The most important event of the week was the celebration of DJ Bruggemann’s one year anniversary with Social Tables. DJ is our amazing Business Development Team Lead, and we are so proud of him for his passion and hard work. The ST anniversary Converse are on their way!

We love connecting with people, so last Friday we hosted a happy hour with our friends from Contactually! It’s always great to meet people who are a part of the #DCTech scene…especially when they bring killer swag! Check out our Marketing Director Trevor, rocking the Contactually sunglasses (Belly. Is. Jelly.)!

My comrades decided to take team bonding to the next level by attending the Miley Cyrus concert in DC on Thursday night. I personally think Miley is cray, but she’s worth $150 million, so I guess she’s doing something right.

Dan was the special guest on this week’s #EventTech Podcast! Pop over to hear the bossman talk about everything from how much we’ve grown since we started to networking advice to the latest information on our products! Always the media darling, Dan is going to be featured on two very exciting upcoming webinars, so keep an eye out for those announcements!

I think we’re done here, week!


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