From the Desk of Belly: Week 4

This post was written by Social Tables’ Manager, Communications, Claire Harrington, CMP.

Helloooooo friends of Social Tables!

How was your week? As per usual, mine was a flurry of activity. I’m actually sore from all of the swimming in circles I was doing as a result of the office goings-on.  There were some points when I couldn’t even see out of my bowl from all of the bubbles! Ready for the weekly rundown?

  • SXSW was held last week in Texas, and while musicians and American ex-pats in hiding (I’m looking at you, Julian and Ed) were the main attraction, our very own Darryl Sharp was down there kicking boots and taking names at a hackathon held by the one and only Childish Gambino (check him out @DonaldGlover). Darryl is a crazy-talented designer here at ST, and his work so inspired Mr. Gambino that he invited Darryl down for his SXSW workshop. Here’s a pic of Darryl and his fellow hackers getting their learn on in sunny Austin. A round of applause for Darryl (I am clapping with all of my hundreds of tentacles, though they don’t make much noise. It’s the thought that counts!)

  • Last Friday we hosted a get-to-know-your-neighbor-happy-hour with our friends from Kitcheck, a firm who assists hospital pharmacists improve their operational efficiencies! It didn’t take too long to discover all that we have a lot in common: we’re both startups, we both moved to our new Chinatown homes in January, we’re both the same size, and most importantly, we both have a sneaker obsession. Their employee’s rock baby blue Chucks while, as you know, we roll with a neon pink color palette. It was so fun meeting fellow innovators, and I for one am looking forward to the next shindig.

  • Last week, my bada** coworkers Jesse Oursler and Julie Giffin took to the streets of DC to knock out 13.1 miles at the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. These two work so hard at ST, which makes their commitment to training for this all the more impressive. Way to go you two!

I’m going to go find a masseuse to get me ready for next week. If this kind of action keeps up, I may need to put one on retainer.

After while, crocodiles,


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