From the Desk of Belly: Week 13

This post was written by Social Tables’ CEO, Dan Berger.

Hi Friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around to chat lately. I have been really busy. Really, really busy. And really, really stressed. The good news is that while you humans get wrinkles when times like these come around, I become immortal. That’s right, stress actually makes me age backwards…I’m like Benjamin Button!


Now that you have digested your random jelly fact of the day, I’ll tell you about WHY I am so busy: Social Tables just hired 7 new employees, that’s why! Want to meet my new teammates?

Our new Account Executive, Mikel Hoffman, is a cooking fanatic who specializes in French fare (he may be too classy for us). He’s only been here for a week but just told me that he already “sees why people say they feel excited to come to work every day”! I guess we’re an ok bunch after all!

Erin O’Boyle and I are going to be best friends. She’s a sucker for farmers markets, and is as geeked out about our product as I am. She’s jumped aboard as an Account Executive and is already knocking down sales doors right and left! A hustler if I’ve ever seen one!

I haven’t a creative bone in my body (well, I have no bones, but you know what I’m sayin’), which goes to say that Sijie Tian and I are exact opposites. He’s a basketballer who doubles as an incredible 3D Engineer. Keep an eye on Social Tables’ 3D function – he’s going to revolutionize our product with his talents!

Jeff Hornstein is our brand new Business Development Associate who is always looking for a musical adventure. He’s attended over 100 live concerts – many of which he had never heard of before walking in the door. He’s most excited about joining our team because we are a family: “From the second I walked in, I knew that I’d want to work in this environment. I got the feeling based on my faith in the people that we’d be a success.”

Jesse, Sijie, Jeff, Erin, Logosou & Mike!

Our in-house foosball champ Jesse Breaux is already applying that competitive spirit to his new job as Business Development Associate! He’s embodying our “Everyday is a School Day” value right out of the gate, telling me that the reason he joined us was because, “I wanted a learning experience of a lifetime, and I knew I would get that here.”

Sophie Johnson is awesome. She not only owns, but actually wears, a Batman Snuggie. 
She may have just been buttering me up, but she says she joined Social Tables because of my blog! She likes me, she really, really likes me! She’s an Account Manager whose productivity may need to be monitored now that her favorite event of all time has literally just kicked off (The World Cup, people!).

Logosou Kudayah is our new designer. He’s really new. Like, got hired at The Chiavari’s new! He has a background in architecture and events, and came to Social Tables as a designer to combine those two interests (how cool is that?)! He’s also a cinephile in the making. I didn’t even know that was a real thing!

Ok kids, back to teaching these newbies how we do things around here. Have an awesome weekend, and make sure to give each of my teammates a “Welcome to #DCTECH” shoutout!


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