From the Desk of Belly: Week 1

This post was written by Social Tables’ Manager, Communications, Claire Harrington, CMP.

Hello, Social Tables Friends!

I’m Belly, the Social Tables welcoming committee chair – and quite frankly, overwhelmed – resident Jellyfish. I mean, you would be struggling for air if you worked here, too. This place is a madhouse of new business and new people! Don’t get me wrong, I love action, but lately I’ve been feeling like Nemo caught in the gulf stream!

Need proof? Here’s a recap of my week:

1. Did you know Social Tables just hired TEN new people? TEN! The amount of paperwork I have been processing is just about as much as my little jelly mind can stand.

2. Jesse Oursler, Social Tables’ hospitality and sales director, celebrated his first birthday at Social Tables on Tuesday! Jesse is a rockstar and is looking the part in his ST One Year Anniversary kicks! Thanks for all your hard work, Jesse! (@JesseOursler12)

3. Julia Damon, the Social Tables community manager, was named to the Power List in #DCTech through Bisnow! Since I’m somewhat limited by my tank, Julia has been my eyes and ears in the office since the beginning – she was ST’s first hire (after Dan, who doesn’t count). I am SO proud of her! Give her a shout out @JuliaDamon!

Well folks, I am exhausted, so I’m going to kick up my tentacles for the day. Enjoy the first weekend of March – Spring is just around the corner!

– Belly


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