From the Desk of Belly the Jelly: Week 3

This post was written by Social Tables’ Manager, Communications, Claire Harrington, CMP.

As George Jones would sing, IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!

Every morning while I get ready for work, I have CNN’s New Day on. Mainly to see Chris Cuomo (swoon), but also because they have a section called, “The Good Stuff”. It’s an uplifting break from the myriad of politics and unpleasant coverage that profiles positive people and events. After seeing what happened this week at Social Tables, I want to shout from the top of the highest wave, “@ChrisCuomo, I have a submission!!!! The topic – my office and coworkers are AWESOME! AlsoIloveyouIhopethatsnotweirdcomingfromajellyfish.”

Here’s the skinny:

Social Tables was chosen as a finalist in the 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards! We are honored to have been selected, and would be so appreciative if you would vote for us! I am a competitive little Jellyfish, so I will warn you that should you not vote quickly, I will continue reaching out to ensure our victory. I have hundreds of tentacles, so believe me, I will never get tired of emailing/texting/tweeting/stalking you to vote. I would have made a great politician…

Speaking of politics…Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray announced a new technology corridor in the District, with an aim to elevate the existing tech industry and encourage new businesses to move into the area. Termed “Digital DC”, the initiative will commit $1 million to tech startups, and Mayor Gray used Social Tables as an example of how small tech businesses in DC are not just existing, but flourishing! We are so fortunate and proud to be an example of what this city has to offer the future of startups. There’s Dan & the Mayor!

I have always known my company was destined for greatness, but this week really solidified that folks outside the fishbowl are recognizing that as well! Without a doubt, this week was full of “The Good Stuff”.

Have a wonderful weekend, STers, and don’t forget to VOTE!

– Belly

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