A New Definition of Diversity

This post was written by Social Tables’ VP, Sales & Account Managment, Ram Parimi (that’s him second from the right!).

A few words about our Social Tables culture from our Director of Sales, Ram Parimi:

When you look up the term diversity in any dictionary you will get some generic description about variety.

When I think diversity I think an Israeli immigrant, a Turkish tank, a Korean wiz kid, a brilliant talent from St. Louis, another from Boston/Netherlands, a Georgia peach, two Marylanders and two Virginians, two Indians (actually from India!), and a sharp gay man from Indiana.

During my first year at Social Tables we went from having just one woman on staff to hosting our first “ladies night” featuring 8 lovely ladies. We hosted a LAN party in which our Turkish Tank became proficient in kicking ass and taking names. It is without a doubt that every office celebrates diversity (if they don’t, shame on them!) but really I wonder why do we celebrate diversity? The answer I found relates to one of our company values…Every day is a School Day. Let me explain why.

Yes, I work at a small business (some may use the term startup) where we are challenged to be proficient in numerous tasks that are out of our comfort zone. In fact, that’s why I took this job. But no one can succeed on their own, they need a village! My village is now 27 people and we rely on each other for everything from creating a budget to a restaurant recommendation for a past due anniversary (my bad, I was working!)

So if we need to grow fast and learn fast, how do you do it without having great people, moreover DIFFERENT PEOPLE? People love trying to find better resources and processes, but we sometimes forget that the best RESOURCE we have is our own PEOPLE, in our case MY FAMILY. Without each of these individuals I had aforementioned I wouldn’t be able to learn perspective, without which I would be lost. Perspective allows me to make better decisions at work and outside of it!

The broad backgrounds and schools of thought whether it is from a tough ethnic mother forcing you to do KUMON or from your female colleague, or from a 22 year old genius from Ohio empower me to be BETTER and guess what I LOVE IT and NEED IT!


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