[Video] Press Conference Announcing Social Tables’ Series A Funding

Guys, we know we’ve been telling you all about our press conference. We also know that the majority of you weren’t able to make it. That didn’t go unnoticed by us, so we decided we should bring the party to you.

As compensation for not live streaming this to your favorite mobile device, we’ve obtained a copy of the press conference for you. We recommend kicking back and relaxing while you listen to our CEO, Dan Berger, the Mayor of Washington, D.C., Vincent Gray, BizBash CEO & Founder David Adler, EventsDC President & CEO Greg O’Dell, and The Convention Industry Council‘s CEO Karen Kotowski discuss our $8 million round of funding and the state of hospitality and tech in Washington, D.C.

If we could bring you a bowl of popcorn and a slurpee to round out this experience in style, we would. Seriously. Sadly, we’ve been told that the $8 million is not to be used to distribute snacks.

If you’d like to learn more about the raise, check out the press release!

See photos of the press event here.

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